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Land Lines Exhibition on View at THE GRAY GALLERY in Winchester, Virginia

The Land Lines Exhibition has moved to the Gray Gallery in Winchester, Virginia. Land Lines is an entirely black, gray,  and white exhibition highlighting our connection to nature through line. The Land Lines exhibition concept was developed by Jaimianne Amicucci, owner of the Gray Gallery, and includes works by four artists who create in different mediums with a similar aesthetic and subject.

My new drawings explore the relationship between nature, agriculture, pattern, and line featuring some of the beautiful "landscape portraits" of Washington State's famed wheat growing region of the Palouse. Farmers on the Palouse are known for their attention to planting and harvesting the region in linear patterns. Many take pride in creating "beautiful fields" and this particular aesthetic attention to tilling and harvesting fascinates me. Taking in the elements of season and light and the manner in which they influence the interwoven results enhances my curiosity with the intriguing manner in which fields become rhythmic lineal artistic images. 

Land Lines Exhibition dates: December 1, 2017 to January 20, 2017. Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday from 4-7pm. 43 South Cameron Street, Winchester, VA  22601



Dust in the Wind II 2.jpg