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On Top of the World View from Steptoe Butte, WA, USA

My idea of being on "Top of the World" !   This photo taken of me shooting images from the 360 degree view up on Steptoe Butte in Washington, USA in 2013. 

After an exciting research photography tour to Washington State I am developing a new series of charcoal drawings of the Palouse, otherwise known as   "The Tuscany of the West".  I took over two thousand photos in short time to be my reference points for some amazing curving and dramatic landscapes.  The Palouse has been one of my fascinations for years as I have explored many ways to represent these beautiful lands in drawings.  I am interested in the multiple patterns, shapes, textures, lines, values, and forms found in agricultural lands. Nothing remains the same on these wheat fields as progressive change is captured in each moment of the life cycle of wheat from germination to final harvest in the course of one season. © 2014 Katherine NelsonArt.