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Bluegrass CD Covers !

I was thrilled when singer songwriter Kevin Brown asked me to design "The County Primaries" a CD Cover for his first CD! The second CD Cover for Beloved Country was an image titled "Bird in the Mist" which is a panoramic drawing from my Palouse drawings series. 

"The Beloved Country" which is quite different from my first CD cover, "The County Primaries" pictured at the bottom of the page and published in 2010. The design layout for "The Beloved Country" is a three panel CD exhibiting the entire composition of my original drawing titled "Bird in the Mist" from the 2008 Palouse series.

"Bird in the Mist" © 2008 Katherine Nelson

I identify visually with place, and within that, the spirit or iconic quality of that particular place. There is a great regional pride in the images from The Palouse wheat country of Washington. The rising morning mist in early Spring on a rolling landscape and starkness of the earth were my inspiration for "Bird in the Mist" 2008.  I am happy to share a review below of Kevin's latest CD, "The Beloved Country" which is available at iTunes, CDBaby, and Bandcamp.


"The County Primaries" © 2010 Katherine Nelson