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Madame TokTok Children's Drawing Workshop at Palais de Tokyo Museum, Paris, France

In March of 2010 I was delighted to create a drawing event for the Madame Tok Tok Art Education forum that captures the sensations and understanding of children residing in a global community.  I was invited to create a workshop for a cultural arts exchange by teaming up in a collaborative effort with Elke Robert, Coordinator for the Tokyo Arts Club and Tanguey Pelletier, Curator of Education, along with Marc Alizart, Curator at the Palais de Tokyo.  I presented new "Eurovillage" charcoal drawings and charcoal drawing techniques accompanied by a demonstration and video in an imaginative studio setting in Madame Tok Tok. This particular drawing workshop is one or two day "drawing event" concept which I wrote to teach concepts of working together : unity in diversity and collaborative creation.  Children are invited to participate in a group around a table of objects with the purpose of drawing collaboratively a EuroVillage in charcoal techniques.  The children interact together sharing their diverse views, drawing styles,  residential design concepts, as well as the creation of overall communal areas of their village.

 Students were encouraged to utilize some of the demonstrated drawing techniques and also invent their own within the exploratory processes of the charcoal medium.

The children drew in a delightful range of styles and experimented with a variety of the charcoal techniques. All created with enthusiastic energy, spontaneity, and in a variety of perspectives which resulted in many textures and values on the grey scale. Their invention was fascinating!  The warmth and creativity within the walls of the childrens' studio make this arts venue unique and very special to the Paris community!