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Opening Reception for LAND LINES Exhibition

I am delighted to announce my participation in Land Lines, an entirely black, gray,  and white exhibition highlighting our connection to nature through line. Curated by Jamianne  Amicucci, of the Gray Gallery, this exhibition includes works by four artists who work in different mediums with a similar aesthetic and subject. My twelve new works explore the relationship between nature, agriculture, pattern, and line featuring some of the beautiful "landscape portraits" of Washington State's famed wheat growing region of the Palouse.  Please join us for the Opening Reception October 13th from 6-8pm at the Popcorn Gallery in historic Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd. Glen Echo, Maryland. Artists in attendance. 


Agriculture Artist Movie Trailer: A Snapshot of my Inspiration

I am pleased to share my newest project, an iMovie trailer, pairing my years of drawing and photographic research about the Palouse along with a tiny hint of where I got my family farming roots.  I hope you enjoy the film!  © 2016 Katherine Nelson Art. All Rights Reserved.

This is my first iMovie project ever! It is exciting to me to now work with iMovie technology because in this short artist trailer I can bring together my years of drawing and photography research. My drawings are inspired by the agriculture of our American farmlands of the Palouse, the largest wheat growing region in the USA. I uploaded my drawings with my original photos of the Palouse region. Additional creative credits: My portrait was taken by Schierman Photography. Triple photo of Amun form taken by Bill Greenblatt Photography. The white fiberglass Amun sculpture form was designed by artist Dr.Reda Abdelrahman and I painted it with an original black and white design for the invitational exhibition: Amen: A Prayer for the World at the National Cathedral in Wash. D.C.. The black and white photo of the couple was taken by my father, David Nelson © 1960 and it is included in the movie as a tribute to my family farming heritage. All ART images and Field Photos © 2008-2016 Katherine Nelson Art. All rights reserved.